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Plant Life Hemp Oil 25mg SoftGel capsules. Water-soluble Rich Full Spectrum Hemp profile. 10 or 30 Capsules per packet. . Each capsule contains 25mg of Hemp Oil per dose along with over 40 naturally present terpenes. These capsules have been designed to provide maximum absorption within your body & optimum bioavailability due to our unique water-soluble oil, leading to enhanced biological response & delivering 3-5 times greater bioavailability than most other oral hemp oil drops. Our Rich Hemp Oil Soft Gels are created with our patent-pending water-soluble liquid This product contains 10 mg of Hemp Oil per dose & has been designed to have maximum absorption & optimum bioavailability. Dosing can be customized according to desired specifications. We've found that these capsules are not only more effective than traditional oral drops, but also offer better value for money due to it's greater absorption in the body, no nasty taste or yellow teeth. Use as a food supplement. Can help with anxiety states, insomnia and many other every day ailments. Customers have found that arthritic conditions have been helped with regular use.

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